MailBeaker is launching soon!

MailBeaker is working very hard to take back email from phishers.

Flexible and Smart

MailBeaker gives you full control over what your users can do with the links and content of their e-mail.

MailBeaker is powered by sophisticated machine learning algorithms that instantly analyze key features of an incoming message. We leverage this data to make decisions about the trustworthiness of each and every message.


Imagine having the ability to stop users from clicking on those 'evil' links - even outside of the firewall.

MailBeaker thoroughly inspects every link headed for your inbox, and intelligently replaces it before sending the message on its way. If a link is later found to be suspicious, MailBeaker can warn the user, or even block access to the site. It's up to you, because you're in control with MailBeaker.

Ridiculously Simple

MailBeaker's solution doesn't depend on any additional hardware or device software - meaning you can protect your users on all devices, even their smartphones.

If you're as excited as we are about MailBeaker, be sure to enter your e-mail address above and subscribe to updates. We're determined to take back e-mail, and we hope you'll join us!